Why Proper Storage of Specialty Ammo is Essential

There are many unique specialty ammo options for hunting, self-defense, target practice, and other situations with specific ammo needs. EBR's range of specialty ammunition uses recent innovations in ballistic technology, so you can rest assured you're getting the best the market has to offer for specialty ammunition. However, when purchasing this kind of ammunition, it's important to store it correctly to not compromise the integrity of the ammo. Proper storage of ammo is vital to ensuring the optimum safety and shelf-life of your ammunition, as improper ammunition storage can be detrimental to performance in several ways. Keep your ammunition in a cool and dry environment. Other sound practices include keeping the ammunition in an air tight container such as an ammo can. You want to avoid large temperature fluctuations, so keeping ammunition in an area such as a basement where the temperature remains at a constant setting is good practice.

Keep reading to learn more about why ammunition storage is so important.

Avoid Old Ammunition: As a general rule, do not buy ammo with a ten-year-old (or older) box date.

Treat Ammo Like Food or Medicine: Do not purchase ammo if any part of the carton or packaging is ripped or broken, or if any seal is not completely intact. This is an immediate sign of improper handling and careless storage procedures.

Ignore Unusual Discounts: Heavily discounted ammunition is often second-rate and can result in progressive damage to your firearm due to minute design flaws.

So, why is it important to keep an eye out for these red flags? Without proper storage, ammo can suffer from:

Reduced Efficiency: Ammunition that is improperly stored can lose its efficiency, making it less lethal, or effective only at shorter ranges. There may be no outward signs of this, and the ammo could still be well within its normal shelf life.

Increased Weapon Wear and Tear: Ammunition that has degraded or been damaged due to improper storage or other preventable factors can cause additional wear and tear in a weapon when it is fired. This is most often a smaller effect, not readily apparent on a shot-by-shot basis; but it can dramatically shorten the lifespan of a firearm over time.

The Importance of Storing Specialty Ammo Correctly: Specialty ammo is optimized for a particular situation. Any circumstance which would otherwise affect ordinary ammunition in an adverse way could potentially have a magnified effect on the quality of specialty ammunition.

To avoid these problems, all product-specific guidelines provided by Engel Ballistics Research or other manufacturers should always be followed with care. General recommendations for ammunition storage also apply, regardless of the nature of your ammunition (specialized, or otherwise).

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