Why Choose Engel Ballistic Research’s Specialty Ammunition

At Engel Ballistic Research, we sell specialty ammunition for hunters, police, and military personnel. This ammunition is designed for circumstances where controlling collateral damage is of great importance. We understand the advantages of being able to control the placement of a projectile to minimize risks for bystanders, and to accurately take down your target. Whether you’re using our specialty ammo for home defense, hunting, or a police operation, we developed our line of specialty ammunition with your needs in mind. Our variety of specialty ammunition designs and commitment to quality and safety make us the ideal choice when you’re searching for specialty ammo.

Specialty Ammunition Designs

The destructive forces of a projectile can be controlled with different ammunition design. A projectile could penetrate several targets at close range, which may not be your intention. Our frangible ammunition is designed to provide specific results through safer projectiles that will disintegrate after hitting soft tissue in a target. A typical rifle projectile could penetrate through an intruder who had broken through a patio door and then also hit a family member who had been standing behind the intruder – our specialty ammo is designed to greatly minimize this risk by utilizing rounds that disintegrate on impact with objects harder than themselves or when impacting soft tissue. This greatly reduces over penetration. Check out our .308 Limited Penetration Frangible for a great example.

Expanding Slugs

An expanding slug has perforations that allow it to change shape and expand on impact with soft tissue. In comparison, a slug with a solid metal design would not easily collapse after hitting a target.

Our 12 gauge expanding slug expands out to over 1.4325’ on impact with soft tissue. The expansion of this round makes it an ideal choice for home defense and hunting applications. Take a closer look at how our 12 gauge expanding slug performs in our ballistic gel test.

Frangible Slugs

Our specialty frangible entry slugs are made from a copper and tin matrix, and are lead-free. They will fragment into several pieces after hitting a target, which helps to control problems from projectiles penetrating multiple targets such as an intruder, followed by a wall and ending with an innocent bystander who had been standing on the other side of that wall, as the frangible slug will stop at the first target. In addition, a ricocheting slug could cause more damage and injure other persons. This ricochet and over penetration reduction make our frangible slugs ideal for home defense, shoot houses, and steel targets. In addition, our lead-free slugs are allowed in shooting facilities where projectiles with lead are banned, a choice that many shooting facilities are moving towards in order to decrease the amount of lead exposed to shooters.

Whether you’re on the job, protecting your family, or at a shooting range, our frangible ammunition is the best choice to minimize the risk posed by ricochets, over penetration, and lead.


There are specific responsibilities that are associated with shotguns such as the obligation to always use proper safety procedures. Shotguns can be used for personal protection or for hunting wild game. A slug could endanger other hunters or family members who are near a target such as a deer or an intruder. We understand that gun safety is a very serious responsibility. Our professionals place a top priority on customer service and always ensure that each customer has been given complete information about safety and regulations.

Our Commitment To Quality

At Engel Ballistic Research, we've spent years of development and research to create the highest quality specialty ammunition available today. Our commitment to excellence has given Engel Ballistic Research the reputation for providing accurate, stable, and reliable ammunition to our customers time after time. Learn more about out specialty ammunition today, or find a dealer near you.