Why Choose Engel Ballistic Research Subsonic Ammunition

Engel Ballistic Research is your superior source for online subsonic ammunition. After learning about this product, you will understand the benefits it brings to hunters, law enforcement officers, and military personnel. This type of ammunition is designed to not go beyond the sound barrier so that the normal "crack" of a shot is lessened. It is a perfect complement for suppressors.

Our products are the ideal suppressor/silencer ammo available today. We take into account that the sound barrier fluctuates according to humidity, altitude, and temperature. We strive to load our ammo to achieve speeds between 950 and 1,050 fps. so that it can be used in a wide variety of environments.

We also recognize that all firearms are different. Even rifles within the same production line handle ammunition in a unique manner. The length of the barrel will have an effect on speed as well. If you work in the military, you know the importance of producing low sound with each shot. If your projectile breaks the sound barrier, it may cause you great harm. In reality, using our product may save your life when stealth is of upmost importance.

Benefits of Engel Ballistic Ammunition

Besides our eye for detail, we produce top quality ammunition that offers a number of benefits, including the following:

High Accuracy Rate: Our goal to maintain a speed below the sound barrier is just the beginning. We have dedicated thousands of hours of research into developing subsonic rounds that bring accurate results within 100 to 200 yards as well. Most of our rounds are MOA accurate at 100 yards out of a quality well-maintained rifle platform. This consistency is something that other subsonic ammunition suppliers cannot bring to the table.

Stealth Abilities: When you are in a position where you need to keep yourself hidden, our ammunition is ideal. This means hunters and military men will never draw attention to themselves by the sound of their shots.

Less Recoil: Our ammunition provides a drastic reduction in recoil so that accuracy is heightened. The common "flinch" caused by other products will not be a problem.

Reduced Muzzle Flip: When muzzle flip is lowered, your follow up shots will be more accurate.

Protects Your Hearing: When you visit a gun range, you must wear bulky headphones that muffle the sound so that you do not damage your hearing. With our subsonic ammo, your practice time will be much more enjoyable.

Why Hunters Should Use Our Subsonic Ammo

In the past, subsonic ammo had a poor reputation in the hunting community. The use of non-expanding projectiles accompanied with poor shot placement resulted in an increased rate of wounded or lost game. However, at Engel Ballistic, we have solved this problem. Our latest line of subsonic ammunition is designed specifically for hunters who utilize suppressed firearms. This line allows anyone to successfully and humanely enjoy the sport. We use solid copper projectiles that either expand to approximately three times their original size or fracture on impact with soft tissue creating multiple wound channels that result in a humane and ethical taking of game.

When you require ammunition that does not break the sound barrier, you can choose subsonic ammunition from Engel Ballistic with confidence. We stand behind our products and deliver top ammunition that increases your accuracy and keeps you hidden and safe while on the hunt or on the battlefield.