Frangible Ammunition and its Benefits

Frangible ammunition is a valuable training tool and has many benefits for personal defense use. But what exactly is frangible ammunition? To begin with, it is generally a compressed material, usually powdered forms of tin, copper, zinc or tungsten. The concept behind this type of ammunition is that it will break apart upon impact, or during penetration of an object. In various situations, this is a definite benefit.

When using frangible ammo for training, the benefit is that the bullet strikes the target and then breaks apart. This is ideal for training situations which are held in enclosed areas or close quarters. This ability of the bullet to partially disintegrate has two benefits: first, it prevents ricochet when the bullet hits a hard target, and second, it prevents the bullet penetrating through a soft target with significant force.

When shooting steel targets with standard ammunition, there is a serious chance of ricochet and striking an unintended target, injuring people or property. Concrete and other hard targets can also cause a ricochet. Frangible ammo breaks into smaller bits when it hits these hard targets, leaving no significant portion of the bullet to bounce off the target and hit something else. This is a huge benefit for frangible ammunitions, both during training exercises and for practical use in self-defense and home defense.

If it becomes necessary to shoot a soft target, for example against a person in self-defense or home defense, regular ammunition can potentially enter the soft target and continue out the other side, penetrating through walls or other people. The standard shooting rule of “know your target and beyond,” plays a big part in this. Do you know what is on the other side of the wall you just shot through after shooting a home invader? Frangible ammunition stops this. Upon impact with a soft target, the bullet begins to break apart and, if it does partially pass through the soft target, its potential for passing through anything else is greatly reduced. The remaining fragments are extremely small after breaking apart inside the soft target and do not have the energy to penetrate through solid objects.

As for training with this ammunition, all of the above concepts come into play. When training in small confined areas, ricochet can be severely hazardous. The intent of training is not to hurt others during the simulated event. In addition, when practicing in a shoot house, having the bullet pass through a wall into another training area could cause serious injury. By using frangible ammo, these problems can be reduced, making a safer training experience.

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