Fracturing Ammo for Hunting Information

Every hunter knows that they need to use the right type of ammunition for the job. In many cases, that means choosing fracturing ammunition. While not the most common ammunition choice, there are times when it clearly beats all of the alternatives. Read on to learn more about fracturing ammo from Engel Ballistic Research.

How Does Fracturing Ammo Work?

Fracturing ammo is designed to break apart after it penetrates its target. The ammunition will always break up at approximately the same depth, assuming it hits a fleshy target. After chunks of the fracturing ammunition break off, they will travel in different directions, usually radiating in a circle around the original flight path.

Fracturing Ammo Benefits

Ammo fragmentation offers a few distinct benefits. Most people who choose fracturing ammo do so for the additional killing power that it offers. Traditional ammunition will only cause a single, straight wound path. That is often enough to kill the target, but that is not always the case. When a bullet strikes a living target but fails to penetrate any major organs, the target will often survive long enough to escape. The wound might be fatal in the long term, especially if it hits a major blood vessel, but not immediately.

The fractured ammo creates several wound paths, which significantly increases the odds of hitting a vital organ. Even if it does not, it will still lead to additional bleeding. The greatly reduces the odds of the target getting away. It also ensures that the target will die fairly quickly, which is the goal of every true hunter.

The additional wound paths can even compensate for poor aim, which is a problem that plagues every shooter during periods of stress or excitement. They won't do anything for shooters that miss their target completely, but they can compensate for a shot that lands an a few inches away from the kill zone. Since the fragments radiate out from the ammunition's main path, it can compensate for pulling the shot in any direction. That makes them particularly useful for inexperienced hunters that are more likely to misplace their shot, but almost anyone can benefit from the addition security that these rounds offer.

How Is It Made?

Fracturing ammunition is not as different from conventional ammunition as many people expect. The two options share similar components, but the bullet is manufactured with cuts that create a few specific areas of weakness, which allow the ammunition to break apart under the stress of contacting the target.

It's important not to confuse this with frangible ammunition, which is made from powdered metal. These bullets are made from solid copper, unlike conventional ammunition that is made of lead projectiles with copper plating or jacketing. The solid copper ensures that they will break into certain size petals that retain their size to cause damage instead of turning into powder.

When Should You Use Fracturing Ammo?

Fracturing ammo should be used in situations when killing power is the priority. Hunters can almost always benefit from it, both because it increases their odds of success and because it helps to ensure that the animal will not suffer from a lingering wound. In the event that the animal does run away after a shot that fails to kill, the increased bleeding will ensure that it does not need to be tracked very far.

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