Can Any Firearm Shoot Fracturing Ammo?

Fracturing ammo is one of the recent innovations that shooters can find in our online ammo store. It is a powerful tool for hunters, but like all tools it needs to be used in the right situation to get the best results. That includes matching it with the right firearm.

What Is Fracturing Ammo?

Fracturing ammunition, like the new home defense and hunting rounds produced here at Engel Ballistic Research, are designed to fracture into several pieces after the projectile impacts soft target. The base of the projectile acts like a normal bullet and penetrates through soft targets by creating a single wound cavity, just like when a traditional round hits the target. However, fracturing ammunition is designed with other fragments, known as petals, that break away from the base creating separate wound channels in order to increase the lethality.

In hunting scenarios, the fragmentation that takes place results in a devastating transfer of energy and multiple large cavities around the multiple fragments. This results in an increase in bleeding and a high probability of a fatal shot, by creating a target zone around the vitals that is larger than with normal projectiles. This makes it popular with hunters who want to ensure that they make clean, relatively painless, and humane harvest of game, especially those that don't trust themselves to fire a perfect shot every time.

What Guns Can Use It?

Fracturing ammunition works similarly to traditional ammunition until impact with soft tissue, so the vast majority of modern rifles and pistols in proper working condition can use it without any problems. Naturally, every gun will have its own set of unique quirks, so some will work better with the ammunition than others. That is true of any type of ammunition, so it's always best take into account the manufactures suggestions for barrel length and twist rate as well as to buy a small amount and test fire it before investing in a serious supply.

Picking Rounds

The best way to pick up a supply of fracturing ammunition is first browse online ammo stores. Fracturing rounds are a type of specialty ammunition that is relatively new to the market, so many brick and mortar stores have yet to add it to their inventory space. To get the best results, you should check out our dealer page to see a list of shops that currently stock our ammunition. You can also visit our online ammo store today or contact us to learn more about this exciting new ammunition.